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No shopping/inventory window?

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    No shopping/inventory window?

    Hi, when I go to the auctioneer I do not seem to be able to get the shopping window or inventory manager on my screen. In fact, besides the Zygor scan button I don't see any real indication that the guide is doing anything at the auctioneer. The Gold Guide is available in Zygor window, so I know things are properly installed. I've also tried disabling every add-on BUT Zygor and still am unable to get Shopping Window. Have also tried re-installing...anybody else experiencing this?

    Go into the options and make sure the Auction Tools are enabled:

    Then check if you at least see a Zygor tab on the side of the panel. You may need to click that to open them up.

    If that still doesn't work try a scan and repair (Client wrench icon, scan and repair).
    Zygor Guides Creative Director


      I completely missed the zygor tab...that's all there was to it. Thanks!