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Gold Auction Guide Issue

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    Gold Auction Guide Issue

    I just purchased the Gold auction guide. I opened up the zygor client and had it update. It is version 3.0.96. It downloaded the gold guide etc. I then clicked the cogwheel and selected wow gold guide section. I hit import my servers. It imported
    Area 52
    Wyrmrest Accord
    and Zuljin

    all US servers.

    The only server I am currently playing on however is stormrage. (so the others I don't care about)

    I hit Sync and it says last sync thursday march 5 1214 pm eastern.

    I have automatically sync auction data checked I believe. (its filled in light grey) It would be easier to tell if its enabled with a checkmark instead of filling a box light grey or dark grey.

    I login to the game to my auctionhouse char on stormrage and it says no auctionhouse data available to scan the auction house. I scan it and stormrage has very large auction house of usually always 80k plus items. The scan only scanned 10k out of the 80k items so I didn't get a full scan.

    What do I need to do to get it to actually scan the entire auction house? I have the scan intensity set to low as fast scans on stormrage is almost a guranteed disconnect.


    I figured I should add the message from it as I could just be reading it wrong as I usually do. It says :
    "Analysis complete. 10942 items scanned in 87017 auctions.

    Does that mean it scanned everything?
    Last edited by Cypriss44; March 5, 2015, 12:39 PM.

    When it says it got 10k items scanned that means it's only going to use 10k of the items and feels the other 70k are too far outside the norm right now to bother with.
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      Did you try to sync your data while you had WoW running? I currently have the client set to update the Last Sync timestamp regardless of whether or not the game is running. It shouldn't update if the game is running, so that will be fixed for the next client release (the next one after 3.0.97)

      I'll speak to others regarding the checkbox concern.


        when I synced the client wow nor blizzard updater was running only the zygor client.