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Display [Box] % or Exact Gold Increase Display!!!!!

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    Display [Box] % or Exact Gold Increase Display!!!!!

    Hey Zygor!

    Just wondering if it was possible for a request, one i know many people need and want!

    Adding A Display box e.g [% of gold made this day] * i was thinking about per session of being logged on but i don't think it would show a big enough over all impact as per seeing it as a full daily summery that's constantly being monitored/updated*

    I'm sure you would be able to easily input a small but such a crucial little display.

    * i don't know programming but as i see it mainly you just need to have something that catches or saves in memory of how much gold you have when you first log on that day.
    Then show by what ever you choose to use, give people the option for how the data is displayed in the box either % or Gold value and if it has gone up or down ( green 5% increse) or ( Red -5% Decrease), then the next day if your on wen it changes day E.g Pm - Am it will just auto update back to a 0% or 0 gold so you wont need to re log for the update of how much gold you have made that day to reset.

    Sorry if it feels i over dumbed it down for you im sure you got ur own image of it by now

    I REALLY HOPE you use this info! i just thought it would be good... ey.. since i want it im sure there are others are out there too.

    and its small ( i think ) lol!

    Cheers Zygor keep up the good work. im feeling big improvements. keep going!
    Last edited by joelyboy0991; March 14, 2015, 10:25 PM.