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A few suggestions for devs

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    A few suggestions for devs

    Hi, just bought this today, thought I'd share my experience with it for devs and buyers. I've only the used the "gold run", "farming", and "auction" features so far. I have a programming background and a keen eye for User Experience issues.

    Auction House
    The auction house tool is very powerful. I would caution you though, you need to know a bit about the game and what would sell. I've used it for roughly an hour and made about 1000 gold profit without exageration. I've never flipped the AH before! The great thing about this is, you set it and go do other stuff, no tedious farming.

    Tech issues
    Some suggestions will come up boasting 300% on your investment. But it's a panda item and very few people would be interested in that. I'd like to see options for filtering the items (by expansion, by gain%, amount, popularity...etc). Currently I believe it's just sorted by profit which isn't always the best indicator of what will sell.

    The tooltip for each item is massive. It makes it hard to see the other items in the list. Have an option to display tooltip on click instead of mouseover, or have a section at the bottom that displays the tooltip info on mouseover and get rid of the tooltip entirely.

    Sometimes the tooltip doesn't go away when the mouse exits the screen, blocking the view of the items. Move your mouse up then down, then off the screen to reproduce.

    On the tooltip, the "Buy (ALL) and Sell (ALL)" columns probably aren't needed. I get it's a cumulative total that shows the math, but it's rare that I would buy all the items listed consecutively. Consider a "show the math" button?

    Consider the following tooltip, it just doesn't make sense to me. Is it telling me the last item is a good purchase that can make 138g profit? Cause it doesn't. Or is it telling me to buy ALL the items to own the market, sell at a standard price, hope they all sell at that price, thus making profit?


    Maybe there's a way to do this and I haven't found it. I'd like to be able to link the items in the zygor screen into the AH. To make it easier to search the AH for the items.

    Add to shopping list button should be a [+] symbol, the down arrow suggests you can drill down on an item.

    There might no be a solution, but the interface can sometimes lag my game heavily...There is alot of data being displayed here.

    Gold Runs
    Please purchase the questing or loremaster addons to finish the quests so you can actually use this feature...Little bit irked at that one.

    I went to do the "Bloodscale plate set". Maybe I don't understand how this works, but it wasn't very intuitive. The Runecloth and Netherweave cloth objectives are never fulfilled. So the guide doesn't move onto step 2 when you get further into the dungeon. The boss only dropped soulbound items, maybe I just wasn't lucky to get the BoEs. Or do enemies drop them? it doesn't really say. It keeps saying "Once you reach the ogre room, you'll be directed to the next screen...". What ogre room? Why am I always going back to an ogre room?

    Beautiful feature. Really slick. I farmed for about 20 minutes to test it out. Made off with 150g worth of items and they sold at the suggested price using the AH feature. I like how the AH features can really synergize with the others. If you notice there's demand for something, go farm it while you're waiting for your auctions to sell. Then sell your stuff using the AH features.

    I would like to see a way to farm other items that are close by. For example, sometimes other farmers show up and I'd like to move somewhere else nearby to avoid competing for mobs. Something visual on the world map perhaps?

    I'd like to see a way of setting the time to spend on a trip. I see > 10h for >7200 gold. That's not entirely useful, I'm only going to spend 2 hours max. Filter by time vs money ratio?

    The Settings
    The gear icon doesn't always link to the addons section for Zygor, it usually just opens the wow interface dialog.

    I found auction settings under "inventory management", a little bit cryptic.

    I would expect "Auction House display mode" under "data items tooltips" to disable the data tooltips (mentioned above) for items in the auction house display screen. I'm not sure what it does lol.

    I'm happy with it. I made a good chunk of money with very little effort. I feel like I can viably flip the auction house without having any experience what-so-ever. It takes a little bit of game knowledge and common sense though.

    I was coming in to actually thank Zygor for the guide. It is working out very well. It seems like it took a few days to get going once it went live. Overall it is worth the USD investment. I ran across Oxide's posting and have to agree with some of his suggestions. By no means, please don't take it as anything negative against the guide, as the dev team has done a very good job. Again, thanks Zygor.