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GoldGuide FPS issue

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    GoldGuide FPS issue

    I don't understand whats happening but ever since the last goldguide update it causes Extremly large FPS Drop while its open. Here's a screenshot of me just standing around without the goldguide open. If you look in bottom right of screen it says my fps is 66.


    Here is another screenshot of me opening the main zygorguide interface showing my fps is still perfectly fine and nothing wrong. It's at 65 fps during this shot.


    Now once I click on the gold guide and it brings it up you will see my fps has a HUGE drop and will stay at 11 fps. It doesn't matter how long I stay on the gold guide as it will not go back up to 60+ fps. Again in bottom right of the screenshot you will see the fps counter.


    I don't understand why this is happening as it only started doing this since the last goldguide update. Here are the versions of my guide/client

    Client Ver 3.0.126
    Guide Ver 5.0.11619

    My computer is by no means a low end machine. Here are my computer specs.

    i7 4820k 4.4ghz quadcore
    Evga 780 GTX ti Superclocked with 2.0 acx cooler 3gb ddr5 memory
    16gb 1866mhz ram quad channel
    10k RPM Velociraptor HDD (Not fragmented)
    850 watt gold rated corsair powersupply

    I am currently in Draenor when I noticed this. It doesn't matter what zone in draenor I am located in. I get between 66 and 70 fps in draenor zones even Stormshield. When I'm in normal azeroth zones my fps is usually 99+. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?


    I forgot to add I play this game with everything set on ultra. I also had no issues with the gold guide causing fps problems in the past. It is only since this last goldguide update that this started occurring. Before the update my fps was never effected.

    *another Edit ^_^

    I think it may be a compatability issue with the Duggi Questing Essential addon I been using for gear suggestions. (From Curse) I just disabled that and the problem stopped. I will give another update If I see it happen again.
    Last edited by Cypriss44; March 15, 2015, 03:30 PM.