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unable to scan auction house

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  • Zygor Support
    Use this page to fix the problem for the historical data... http://www.zygorguides.com/support/manual/gginstall.php

    For the 14 min timer on the scan button, this just means that another AH addon that you have loaded automatically performed a quick scan of the AH when you opened the window. Blizzard only allows 1 quick scan every 15 minutes to reduce load on the server. You might want to consider going into your other AH addon settings and turning off the automatic scan of the AH. The Gold guide can not use the data scanned by other addons so it will need it's own scan performed via the Scan button on the Inventory window on the right side.

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  • fishtank0507
    started a topic unable to scan auction house

    unable to scan auction house

    Hi have only just installed the gold guides so im getting the no historical data error when i talk to the auctioneer the scan button us grayed out with a message when i curse over of not able to scan for xx minutes starting at 14 working down is this right.