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Suggestion for Gold Guide

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    Suggestion for Gold Guide

    While I do not want you to be able to replace the Auctioneer addon, there is two things I would like to see.

    #1 When you scan for the items you are putting up in the auction, how about a way of doing it en masse? I remember Auctioneer did it, but WoW got on to them about that, so now you have to confirm each sale, but it is one click and always in the same spot. Also, when you are going to use the guide for "Buy Low, Sell High" mode, again some way of doing it quickly. Again, Auction House has a good feature for that.

    One last thing I just thought of, and this one might be difficult. How about a way of tracking what you sell and how many time it was put up in the Auction house. Maybe even the capability of flagging something that has been in the Auction House many times to be either disenchanted or sold to a vendor.

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    I believe the first set of items (buying/selling) will be addressed with our next big Gold guide update.

    The accounting is something that the dev team will have to look at and discuss.
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