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How do I import zygor auction data to Auctioneer?

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    How do I import zygor auction data to Auctioneer?

    How do I import zygor auction data to Auctioneer, to use with the Appraiser part of the auctioneer addon?

    I am asking because it takes ages to post items on the auction house using zygors auction tool. For example posting around 300 items using auctioneers appraiser addon takes up to 15 minutes for me, whereas using zygors addon it was taking around 15 minutes just to post 100 items.

    We store our AH data in a different format from the way Auctioneer stores it. The only thing you can do is to use one addon to do a scan and then wait 15 minutes (or exit the game and re-enter) and use the other addon to do a scan.
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      Ok , thank you for the response , I will use zygor to scan and auctioneer appears to directly import that I think , will look and see if there is a way of making the auctioneer addon display zygors pricing for the listing.