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Crafting question for the gold and auction guide

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    Crafting question for the gold and auction guide

    So i installed the gold guide today. Went through all the scans and instructions to make sure i was doing it right. But I'm confused as to what is programmed into the Zygor database on how to craft some of these items. To craft the mail belt from scratch it called to buy 100 Primal Spirits, 1000 Raw Beast Hides, and 3 Sumptuous furs. So here is where My issue comes in. Primal spirits are BOP. Cant be sold on the AH. The only way to buy primal spirits is from the trader (any profession trader). So thinking that's maybe why it wanted me to buy 1000 raw beast hides, since they are a currency used to buy the spirits I did some math. 5 Hides buys 1 primal spirit. so it will take 500 Hides to buy 100 Primal spirits. Kay so at this point we have 100 primal spirits and 500 hides left. the 100 burnished leathers are crafted at 1 primal spirit + 10 raw beast hide to = 1. So to craft the 100 Burnished leathers i need for this recipe I now need 100 primal spirits and 1000 leathers like originally stated. it should state 100 primal's, 1000 raw beast hide, and 500 of "cheapest Draenor crafting mat". Any base Draenor mat will work so long as you can trade it in for primal's. you don't need the profession to do the 5 for 1 trade.

    So finally to my question. I know its 4:30AM my time and i'm attempting math so i'm already a little fuzzy but am I missing something here? is there anyway to get the crafting section updated? To have the gold guide scan preemptively the ore, dust, leather, cloth, and herb markets to figure out what mat would be most profitable to use for buying primal spirits.

    Sorry if my grammar is a little broken, and this ran on longer than it needed to. It is 4:30am after all.

    Thank you.

    I will pass this on to someone who is more knowledgeable about the inner workings of the guide for how it's calculating things and hopefully they'll be able to answer the question for you. There might not be an answer until tomorrow as most of the staff are out of the office for Memorial Day.

    Edit: what was the item to craft that was giving you those numbers?
    Last edited by Zygor Support; May 25, 2015, 10:31 AM.
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