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Requests - Manuel Price Setting and Loot

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    Requests - Manuel Price Setting and Loot

    I want two features added to the Zygor Gold Guide. One is to be able to set prices for items that cannot be defined with an auction scan (example, burnished leather). This really screws up the crafting prices since a key ingredient is not calculated into the price of crafting. The second thing is integration of a loot average AH value worth display. I want to know while I am grinding away what the total AH value of everything in my bags are if I was to put them on the AH. Why waste time looking at each items tooltip? Just throw a nice fat potential gold counter on my UI. Neither of these features are new, both are done by other programs but those programs are free to use and I expect more out of Zygor. Thanks.

    Add on another one. Right next to the Appraise All Auction House button should be a Sell All button. Should be as simple as a ctrl+click to filter certain items you do not want to include in sales. Then just spam the "confirm" button for each sale.