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Crafting Tab, Not looking at bags?

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    Crafting Tab, Not looking at bags?

    I love fishing and fish quite a bit when I am in my garrison to make food for guild raids but I always have allot of excess fish.
    In the Crafting tab of the gold guide I was surprised that it doesnt seem to take into account any of the fish I have in my bags, or with the suggestions I never get anything to mage that is from current content, also ignores my engineering items so I can quickly see at a glance the best gold per item ect.

    Main question as I realise that is a little rambly;
    Why wont the gold guide use current content in its crafting scans?
    Why wont it check what I have in my bags and tell me the best way to use them to make the most gold. For example, Sell X item, Use Y item to craft Z item and sell.

    The short answer is that we never coded the Gold guide to look in the bags. I won't bore you with the long answer.

    These are the kinds of things we have to look at to get added to the Gold guide. You are correct in that using items from the bags that you collected on your own already will boost profits so this is something we'll definitely have to look into.
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      Ok that explains it then!
      If it could be something that could be added that would be awesome, would help when I have bags and bags of fish that I need to at the moment manually sort through my recipies to work out the best way to sell them if by fish or by crafting first