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Gold data being wrong?

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    Gold data being wrong?

    I wanted to farm stuff to sell on the AH so I could get some other items that I can use and still have some profit.
    However, the gold data is just plain wrong. The fish you get from ice fishing is being sold in the AH at around 36g, while gold data says it's around 77g. I did an update before I went into the game and another one as soon as I saw that difference.
    It's the same with a recipe I want to sell. It's being sold at around 60g, while gold data says it should be a whopping 22k g.

    Is there something wrong with the gold data? Or is there something I should do to adjust it?

    The gold guide is telling you what it should be based on historical prices. Those are a rolling 30 day average and may not match the current AH prices. Since it is the weekend prices are often lower than normal due to everyone wanting to undercut everyone else trying to sell their items. Also on the weekends the prices will change pretty fast due to there being a lot more people playing.

    Your first example looks like it is probably just normal fluctuations in the market due to the weekend. The 2nd example looks like there had been someone that had stuff posted at a very high price at some point in the last couple of weeks which may have sold and that would then throw off the historical prices.
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