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Points of interest missing?

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    Points of interest missing?

    Hey guys, I've just started into WoD with a new character, she's just hit level 93, and I'm trying to level via a treasures route.

    Every single treasure on my path is missing from the Points of interest system, I suspect it's because I previously cleared these treasures on a different character, but surely they should save progress per character, not per account?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    It depends on how the game server reports it to us for the completion. We check with the game server to see if you've completed a POI and then display it if the game server says you haven't done it.
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      Very strange, as I went and manually found the treasures, looting them and gaining the item and the experience.
      Maybe they've changed how some report back? It was specifically the items in Anguish Fortress, Shadowmoon Valley. Fresh Alliance toon, and I've collected the items previously on both Horde and Alliance characters.
      Please let me know if there's any data I can provide to help recreate or pinpoint the issue.