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Here we go 'round the mulberry bush...

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  • Here we go 'round the mulberry bush...

    I've discovered a couple of guides where the waypoint pathing gets confused for lack of a better word.

    First: On my relatively new lvl 18 Worgen warlock, I loaded up the Leveling guide for Duskwood. I was in Darkshire at the time. The first step was to go to Redridge Mountain and pick up the Hero's Call quest at Lakeshire. Ok. No problem. I didn't have the Lakeshire FP, so I flew to Eastvale Logging camp and ran over to Lakeshire. Got the FP, and got the quest.

    Next step is to talk to Althea Ebonlocke and turn in the quest - but the waypoint did not send me to Darkshire. I took the griffin there, and it kept telling me to go back to Lakeshire until I located Althea and turned in the quest. Then it allowed me to proceed. I suspect that it didn't recognize that I'd got the flight path and wanted me to go on foot.

    Another one, this one on my 37 DK in Draenor. I was doing the Follower: Delvar Ironfist quest. At the point where you're supposed to talk to the Marshall again (AFTER talking to the three npcs), the waypoint sends you in a loop of "Take the portal to Stormwind" followed by "Take the portal to Ashran", wash, rinse, repeat. As the marshall is in Stormshield, there's absolutely no need to go to Stormwind at all.