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Azuremyst Isle to Darkshore

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    Azuremyst Isle to Darkshore

    I am doing a Draenei Paladin. Newish to WoW.
    At the end of the AzureMyst Isle guide, it put me on the Darkshore guide automatically.
    For that, it wants me to go from Azuremyst Isle, across to Stormwind through portals over to Caverns of Time, then I have to run the ENTIRE WAY UP Kalimdor to get to darkshore.
    Screenshot attached.
    This is bonkers -- surely I have done something wrong or should be put on another guide?
    I read about a boat from Azuremyst Isle to DarkShore but I don't think it exists in Retail.
    Any help would be helpful.

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    You should be level 10 at this point so instead of doing all of that load up the Chromie Time guide and follow that. If this is your first toon going up to 60 then you will have to level in the BfA zones anyway in order to unlock the older expansion zone scaling for leveling other toons later.
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