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Pet Battle, BAG RUN

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    Pet Battle, BAG RUN

    Hi Cabby and friends! im back once again! and i have an amazing suggestion!

    would you please put in a bag run route? i know you can do the tamers as a daily, and thats good for leveling baby pets but...i dont need to do that. i would LOVE LOVE L O V E LOVE a route that takes you JUST to the bag tamers.

    the list of tamer dailys that gives a bag is as follows:

    --Grandmasters of Azeroth--

    Kalimdor - Winterspring
    Stone Cold Trixxy

    Eastern Kingdoms - Deadwind Pass
    Lydia Accoste

    Outland - Shadowmoon Valley
    Bloodknight Antari

    Northrend - Icecrown
    Major Payne

    Cataclysm - Uldum

    --Grand Master Pandaria--

    Aki the Chosen - 31,71
    Farmer Nishi - 46,43
    Mo'Ruk - 62,45
    Wastewalker Shu - 55,37
    Seeker Zusshi - 36,51
    Courageous Yon - 35,73
    Hyuna of the Shrine - 48,54

    --Beasts of Fable 1--

    Kafi - 35,56
    Dos-Ryga - 67,84
    Nitun - 57,29
    Ka'Wi the Gorger - 48,71

    --Beasts of Fable 2--

    Lucky Yi - 40,43
    Skitterer Xi'a - 36,37
    Greyhoof - 25,78

    --Beasts of Fable 3--

    No-No - 73,18
    Gorespine - 26,50
    Ti'un the Wanderer - 72,79

    --Pandaren Spirits--

    Water Spirit - 61,87
    Fire Spirit - 57,42
    Earth Spirit - 67,14
    Air Spirit - 28,36

    these could all be separate mini guides for those of us who just want the bags, not intended as a replacement for the already implemented daily guide. then for super advanced tamers there could be another guide that incorporates them all as follows

    1 Cold Stone Trixxy.
    2 Obalis.
    3 Lydia Accoste.
    4 Bloodknight Antari.
    5 Major Payne.


    1 Aki the Chosen.
    2 No-No.
    3 Lucky-Yi.
    4 Farmer Nishi.
    5 Mo'ruk.
    6 Skitterer Xi'a.
    7 Greyhoof.
    8 Panderen Water Spirit.
    9 Gorespine.
    10 Wastewalker Shu.
    11 Ti'un the Wanderer.
    12 Seeker Zusshi.
    13 Pandaren Fire Spirit.
    14 Kafi.
    15 Courageous Yon.
    16 Pandaren Earth Spirit.
    17 Dos-Ryga.
    18 Pandaren Air Spirit.
    19 Nitun.
    20 Hyuna of the Shrines.
    21 Ka'wi the Gorger.

    Thank you for your concideration!! =)

    I've added this to the list for the team to look at and think about.
    My Flight Path Follies guide

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      thank you!! =)