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  • Cartman
    Currently you are right.

    But in the newest WoD beta build the Crimson Water Strider is shown in the mount list (in WoD you see all mounts similar to pets, mounts you don't have are greyed out and there's a note where to get them).
    So maybe we'll see other water striders later on in the game (though possibly not purchaseable in Pandaria then).

    It seems to be obtainable in your garrison as the note says it can be obtained in Frostwall (the sub zone of the Horde garrison in Frostfire Ridge) from Nat Pagle at honored.
    Funny thing is that the note is the same when playing with an Alliance character. Have fun trying to build you garrison in a Horde zone

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  • Pust
    started a topic Waterstriders


    According to the guide it says that Nat should have more than just the azure waterstrider available when you reach exalted. The azure waterstrider is the only one that made it out of MoP beta, the others listed in the guide were removed.