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Brawlers Guide pet - dont follow to guide too closely

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    Brawlers Guide pet - dont follow to guide too closely

    Just a warning to anyone like me who slavishly follow Zygors guides to the letter.

    I loaded the guide to collect Clock'em , and the guide told me to visit Madam Goya at the Black Market Auction house and bid on a Blood-soaked Invitations in order to join the Brawlers Guild. I did and paid the 1050g asking price. I know - serves me right for not researching the Brawlers Guild first - Later on I found that invites can be had on the General Auction house for as little as 20g. Now as a tight-fisted bastard who hates paying over the odds for anything I can tell you THAT REALLY HURT! Ahem(regains composure) Remember Zygor is a little irresponsible with other peoples money - do more research first.

    P.S I ever see that gnome in-game - he owes me
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    When this guide was written the Brawler's Guild invitations were being sold for 10k+ on the normal AH and going to the black market was the cheapest route. Of course each server has a different economy as well so while it might be cheap on your server there might still be other servers where it's a high value item.
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      Yep and I fully accept responsibility for my carelessness - no argument here. Compiling all the data necessary for these guides and keeping them updated must be a hell of a job. Mine was just a cautionary tale for anyone else pursuing this pet. Maybe you could add a line to the guide saying that invites are also available on the auction house too (I didn't know that). Its also possible that with the 6.02 patching looming and season 1 of the Brawlers guild ending tomorrow that prices on the auction house are unnaturally low. I'm just cross with myself for not checking it out fully