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Warlock Class Mount [Legion] [Rebuilding the Council]

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    Warlock Class Mount [Legion] [Rebuilding the Council]

    I'm a bit confused here. I've done the class mount on my rogue and Paladin. All seem to do well on the guide. Unfortunately, for the warlock, I'm being run around in circles and gated at something I can't figure out. After 3 days of troubleshooting and figuring out where I'm stuck. I came across "Rebuilding The Council." Not sure if this is a pre-requisite as it doesn't state for the Warlock Class Mount. Here is what I found on a blue post.

    There are several prerequisites you must meet before you are eligible to receive the quest Champions of Legionfall. Make sure that you have completed all of the following achievements or quests if you have not yet received the quest:We have also received reports that there will be phasing issues with this quest if you currently have the quest Cathedral of Eternal Night: Altar of the Aegis in your quest log. To resolve phasing issues, finish the quest.
    I've done all those. I still can't seem to get "Champions of Legionfall." Maiev doesn't want to give me the quest. I back tracked and found "Rebuilding the Council." Of course, anything and everything is in Zygor. I found the "Rebuilding the Council." It came up as "Warlock Intro & Artifacts." This guide is 100% complete. I've literally completed all achievements. Why am I still gated in achieving this mount? She refuses to give me the quest "Champions of Legionfall." When I loaded the guide and checked to see if I completed the quests, it shows that I'm at "An Unlikely Alley Quest". Do you have a guide for this that works, or do I have to continue following wowhead quest by quest?

    Side note: Broken Shores can't be completed as someone stated to me. It leads me to "Champions of Legionfall" which I can't seem to get.

    Have you completed the Warlock Order Hall guide? You need to make sure that one is completed before you start working on the 7.2 Order Hall guide for the mount. The Warlock Order Hall guide also happens to be the one that has An Unlikely Ally quest in it.
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      I think that was it. The guide didn't notify me that I needed to do that. All is good, I figured it out. However, I found a bug on the Rogue Order Hall Guide. To save time I'll post it here. Basically, the guide thinks I'm a Horde. Now I'm on the final questline to kill a few NPCs. Instead of going to Silvermoon, Undercity, Thunderbluff and Orgrimmar. It's giving me the horde guide and I'm a Night Elf Rogue. No big deal. I have to figure out on my own. Didn't realize I had to go back in time in order to access these places.