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Iron Starlette Guide

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    Iron Starlette Guide

    I don't understand the decision made with this guide. The first step says "You should have received this pet while participating in the opening event for Draenor" ...then, the next step has you accept the FINAL quest of the series (which is worthless if you haven't done any of the quests.)

    I guess my question is this: why wouldn't this guide automatically open/start "The Iron Horde Invasion" guide rather than forcing me to dig around to find which guide it is, which category it's in, etc.

    And, while I'm asking questions, why is it that there is not a way to search all the guides for a specific quest name? Even if it's not possible with the in-game GUI, couldn't you give us a webpage that would let us search through the database for any keyword, and then tell us which guide we need? (and, tell us which category you put it in as well ...as sometimes the whole subdirectory structure of the guides isn't intuitive in many instances.)

    When that guide was added everyone was doing the event so it was probably not thought of at the time to have it load the event guide. I will pass that over to our content team to do that as an improvement to the guide.

    As for searching, while you are not able to search by quest name you can search by quest ID. Please see the manual page for help on how to find quest IDs. https://zygorguides.com/support/manual/search
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