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Guide steps out of order

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    Guide steps out of order

    Reference: Battle Pets, Sand Kitten
    -- There's a problem with the way Zygor's Guide steps are ordered.

    Step 43: The requirements to obtain this pet weren't mentioned in this step.
    Time wasted.
    Sand Kitten - Step 43.jpg

    Step 44:
    Sand Kitten - Step 44.jpg

    Note: I'm not using the purchased pet guide, but these steps are still out of order.

    Those 2 steps are for 2 different pets. There is only that one step for the Sand Kitten, step 44 is for the Sapphire Cub which is crafted with JC. Step 43 should have routed back to the menu, I'm not sure why it didn't for you.
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      Ok. Thanks. Looks like this situation is another one of those where the guide doesn't mention the guide/step objective's name, just like the cooking (1-600) guide doesn't do for the Master of the Ways guide/step recipes. If this had said Sapphire Cub in its guide/step heading, I wouldn't have gotten confused. Maybe? LOL

      I also want to mention that I spent quite a bit of time (approx 1 hour) flying everywhere in the region the guide suggested for the Sand Kitten, repeatedly, and I never saw one of them! They must be really rare to find, and that wasn't mentioned.

      Thanks Cabby for explaining about the 2 separate guide/steps.
      Last edited by kreelor; December 18, 2013, 05:25 PM. Reason: Removed Sand Kitten comment about it being in the guide heading since it's already in the step description


        According to wowhead Sand Kittens can be found all around Tanaris:
        Remember that in most fights additional pets join the opposite side. So instead of searching for a Sand Kitten you can challenge any other pets and a Sand Kitten may join.


          Thanks Cartman. I haven't done the battle pets things in a long time. I had forgotten that sometimes the pet I want to capture is within the queue of opponent pets. So, I went back over to that area, but this time I flew all the way to Gadgetzan. There's a Stable Master there, so it's easy to keep healed-up. I battled Seagulls and on the 3rd one, I got a Rare Sand Kitten. Got him by using a level 13 Arcane Eye. Thanks for reminding me. Done with that one! LOL