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Flying in Shadowlands Help!!!

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    Flying in Shadowlands Help!!!

    As a longtime member, I finally need your support. Please forgive me if this sounds confusing, but for me, it is very frustrating. I have followed your guide for many years and I am severely stuck on trying gain flying in Shadowlands.

    Here is what I have been doing.

    I am lost here, sorry. According to Zygor, I completed 3 of the Chains of Domination achievements (Battle for Ardenweald, Maw Walkers and Focusing the Eye) and the next step it says is 147 - Vault of Secrets, but that wasn't offered to me. I filed an in-game ticket and the person in WOW said I needed to follow the quest line "A New Path" which is not listed. Then they said to start this quest "A Paladin's Soul." But I can't find Thenios. he is not at location (step 345 in Zygor). So in order to fly in Shadowlands, I need to complete this quest? I thought all you need is 3 of the CoD achievements? I am very confused. And now, I have reached Renown 64 and still nothing. What am I missing folks? Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I have watched every video on YouTube and read everything on Wowhead and nothing.

    Best regards,


    Both of the quests The New Path and A Paladin's Soul are in the Chains of Domination guide (step 412 and step 345 respectively). Make sure you have completed all of the covenant questline guide for your covenant. If you don't finish that whole thing it will keep some stuff from being unlocked in the Chains of Domination story.
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