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Tranquillien Rep - Incorrect Order

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  • ZG Support 2
    We have notified the team to look into this guide and make appropriate adjustments. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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  • fiamma29
    Playing through the Tranquillien rep guide now and can confirm the changes for quests given at Farstrider Enclave, as well as a bunch of issues I've found. I'm using version 7.0.19902.

    Step 34: Accept Troll Juju, now given by Apothecary Venustus who is up a ramp at (72.6,31.6)
    Step 35: Accept Investigate the Amani Catacombs, now given by Ranger Vynna who is also up a ramp at (71.8,32.6)
    Neither of these quests were available to me after completing every step in the guide to this point.

    Step 53: Forgotten Rituals was not available to me, so I skipped it.
    Step 55: Attack on Zeb'Tela was not available to me, so I skipped the step.

    At step 56, as soon as I turned in Report to Captain Helios, quests Troll Juju, Investigate the Amani Catacombs and Attack on Zeb'Tala became available, so I picked them up manually.

    Step 58: Accept The Traitor's Shadow, not available to me, skipped.
    Moving north for step 59, Forgotten Rituals is now available to me, picked it up manually.

    Step 63: Can't turn in The Traitor's Shadow as I couldn't pick it up, therefore also can't pick up Hints of the Past. Skipped.
    Step 67: Can't turn in Hints of the Past, can't accept Report to Magister Kaendris. Skipped.
    Step 68: A Little Dash of Seasoning not available to me, skipped.

    At step 71, as soon as I turned in Attack on Zeb'Tela, quest A Little Dash of Seasoning became available, so I

    Step 79: Can't turn in Report to Magister Kaendris, can't pick up The Twin Ziggurats. Skipped.
    Step 81: Can't accept War on Deatholme. Skipped.

    Step 98: Turn in Troll Juju, changed location per above.
    Step 99: Turn in Investigate the Amani Catacombs, changed location per above.

    Step 100: Can't collect Stone of Flame (quest item), skipped.
    Step 101: Can't collect Stone of Light (quest item), skipped.
    Step 103: Can't kill 6 Nerubis Centurions (quest), skipped.
    Step 104: Can't kill 5 Eyes of Dar'Khan/6 Wailers (quest), skipped.
    Step 108: Can't turn in The Twin Ziggurats, skipped.
    Step 109: Can't turn in War on Deatholme, can't pick up Dar'Khan's Lieutenants, skipped.
    Step 110: Can't pick up anything from Arcanist Janeda (quest name isn't loading), skipped.

    At this point I went off-script and collected quest The Farstrider Enclave from Magister Kaendris (55.0,48.9) to see if it would unlock anything.
    Turn in to Ranger Vynna, unlocked quest The Traitor's Shadow.
    Turned in The Traitor's Shadow, unlocked Hints of the Past.
    Turned in Hints of the Past, unlocked Report to Magister Kaendris.
    Turned in Report to Magister Kaendris, unlocked The Twin Ziggurats.
    Turned in The Twin Ziggurats, unlocked War on Deatholme, Dar'Khan's Lieutenants, and Captives at Deatholme from Arcanist Janeda. This leads me to believe that the quest name that wasn't loading has been removed, and the Captives at Deatholme quest is no longer offered by Apothecary Renzithen. This does make it more efficient though, as all three quests can be done with one trip to Deatholme.
    Also appears that the breadcrumb quest The Farstrider Enclave is super required!
    Completed these quests and turned them in, returning to the guide at step 112.

    Steps 113-121 already completed.

    Completed step 124, turning in Bring Me Kel'gash's Head! (which awarded zero rep) and was congratulated for reaching exalted, but I'm still 1,500 rep away.
    Only incomplete steps are:
    Step 83: Get Crystal Controlling Orb, completion requires having the item in my bag, as I've used it, it's now incomplete again. Not required.
    Steps 110-111: Accepting and turning in the unnamed quest from Arcanist Janeda to Apothecary Renzithen. Checking Wowhead, Ren still offers this quest, but this is the only quest Janeda offers, so can confirm the unnamed one is gone.

    Checking through Wowheads list of reputation awarding quests, I missed the following:
    The Traitor's Destruction: 5-player group quest in Deatholme
    WANTED: Knucklerot and Luzran: 3-player group quest in the Dead Scar
    Plus 2 repeatable quests that shouldn't be necessary

    I completed The Traitor's Destruction and received 2,500 rep which was the max I could have got (now 1,000/1,000 Exalted) and was rewarded zero rep from the WANTED quest, so can't confirm if that one would have worked instead.

    Also, the coords are 30yds off for step 41, Get Night Elf Plans: An'owyn, should be (12.7,25.2)

    Apologies for the ENORMOUS post, but I love my guides and I want them to be the best they can be. I figured if I gave enough detail, it would make it a helluva lot easier to fix the guide.
    I have a ton of toons I can test an amended guide on, please let me know if you need any additional testers.

    Thank you for reading, and thanks for a wonderful product <3

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  • shankill
    Yes, I did everything correctly up to Step: 10, and then no quests option available until I returned with Suncrown Village.

    Even ran /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(9327)) and /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(9329))
    Both came back as "True".

    Also Accept "Investigate the Amani Catacombs" is said to come from Advisor Valwyn, but I got it from Ranger Vynna at the farstrider Enclave. Also Troll Juju is now given out by Apothecary Venustus also are Farstride Enclave. You get access to both once you complete Report to Captain Helios.

    Based on what WowHead's comments a lot of these quests have been moved around with 7.3.5 patch.
    Last edited by shankill; January 20, 2019, 07:56 PM.

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  • Zygor Support
    Did you turn in The Forsaken on step 8? That is the only thing I can find as a possible prerequisite for accepting Tomber's Supplies. The Suncrown Village quest is only a prerequisite for the Goldenmist Village quest from everything I see. Also, were you at least level 10?

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  • shankill
    started a topic Tranquillien Rep - Incorrect Order

    Tranquillien Rep - Incorrect Order

    The guide is as follow:
    Step 9: Accept "Suncrown Villiage"
    Step 10: Accept "Tomber's Supplies"
    Step 12: Accept "The Plagued Coast"
    Step 14: Turn in "Suncrown Village"

    You do not get access to Step 10 and 12 quests until you complete "Suncrown Village" first.

    Needs to be:

    Step 9: Accept "Suncrown Villiage"
    Step 10: Was Step 11
    Step 11: Was Step 13
    Step 12: Turn in "Suncrown Village"
    Step 13: Accept "Tomber's Supplies"
    Step 14: Accept "The Plagued Coast"