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Candy Bucket Guide - Tricks and Treats - Suggestion

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    Candy Bucket Guide - Tricks and Treats - Suggestion

    On step 105, where it has you go to the Deepholm candy bucket, this one is actually split into Horde and Alliance versions. The guide currently only directs a Horde player to the Alliance bucket and not the correct Horde one on the other side.


    This holiday just started today and that means that until we can get them updated for this year's changes what you see right now is from last year's event. It normally takes us a day or two to get in game and get the guides updated for the new changes. The events are not something we can update early because Blizzard does not put them on PTR early.
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      Not a change from this year has been like this since Cata. Just first time I have done the buckets on a Horde character so didn't notice.

      Though speaking of a change from this year, the bucket on step 128 in the Shrine of Two Moons for Horde is only visible if you go back in time using Zidormi. Going to guess it is the same for Alliance characters as well.


        Also, step 125 in the Shrine of Seven Stars (Vale of Eternal Blossoms) is only visible after talking to Zidorni and going back in time.