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Guide feels like a vacuum cleaner

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    Guide feels like a vacuum cleaner

    Why does the guide just pickup all quests, just because it can?
    Player is level 6, you pick up a quest for level 12 [ Dark Storms] get Fizzle's Claw
    We don't even have the skull item to complete the quest
    Just to see it listed in the quest log to be completed?

    Made my case for this in about 4 or 5 other quests, all to do with Durotar section.
    I would like to see the guide behave professionally, only picking up the quests we NEED.
    There is an addon called Questie, it has an option to be a vacuum cleaner as well,
    I never enable it, as I don't enjoy long lists of quests to do in my quest log, that we are not working on,
    Especially when we will be back in the area of a NPC that does have the quests, when I'm ready to pick them up and do them.

    The guide would feel more intelligent and interactive and helpful, if it picks up the quests we need, go get them done, then turn them in.
    Then and only then, would the guide take us over to get the next set of quests we are going to complete and turn in.

    Don't enjoy vacuum cleaner feeling. Automation went to far here ... or Lazy automation at best.

    That will hopefully be my last attempt to get you to fix the guide with some quick massaging to make the guide more intelligent than it appears to be now.

    Good Day