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Grind Steps

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    Grind Steps

    Had the guide now for at least 3-4 years and the grind steps have become a bit of a joke i am currently Level 65 and i have to grind out 267k Xp for the next level. this is after having a 70K grind step at level 64 and a 50k grind step at 63 all of which were completed surely there is another way to do it then to spend a couple of hours killing 480 mobs to get to next level?
    I am on alliance side and have followed the guide since lvl 1.

    If you don't want to grind an option is to skip the grind step and keep going with the guides until you can't accept a quest or you can't solo a quest. At that point run a few dungeons to grab a couple of levels and then pick up where you were in the guides. I do believe we have a pop up the first time you see a grind step that tells you about doing this as an option but it's possible that pop up was added after you had been thru that part.
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      I am 70 now on my shaman and I have noticed level 67-68 players in Shadowmoon Valley. Your guide suggests this zone for level 70 players. I think you can easily adjust the levels down a few notches.

      Also on my shaman I did the dungeon quests and the group quest guides to cut a bit down on grinding.