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Gear Advisor is Malfunctioning

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  • ZG Support 1
    If you enable it and then disable each option does that prevent it from giving you the pop ups?

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  • aristoblis
    started a topic Gear Advisor is Malfunctioning

    Gear Advisor is Malfunctioning

    First off, the gear advisor is trash. I would be completely happy if you removed it entirely, but that is likely not going to happen, so at least fix it. I don't use it, obviously, based on my previous statement. However, when I go into settings and turn it off the checkboxes will clear/gray out, however it still keeps popping up even when it's off. So, the root of the problem is, if you are not going to remove the gear advisor entirely from the tool, at least fix the functionality to turn it off and actually have it be turned off. Thank you for listening to my rant.