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Where are all the guides?

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    Follow up - gained 2 levels, got gear, and a weapon upgrade, which made the quests much easier.

    All the 12-24 guides are missing for all races and factions
    Starter area is 1-6 - you suggest folks reach level 6 - BAD advice, leave at level 5, go kill mobs that will make you money, gear, bags, weapons.

    Next area of guide is 6-12 :example Durotar 6-12
    Next area of guide, where all the quests are missing in the 12-16 range, no alternate path, no other routes,
    everyone is now on the same quest path (easier for you to maintain, I get it)
    Alliance, poor new players, told to leave there own questlines (which are missing)
    and force everyone to go do part of the Night Elf questlines, then *everyone* is forced to
    follow the Draneia quest lines.

    Most of the great ideas, suggestions and tips, all removed.
    Travel system - we lost a LOT of great advice, all stripped.
    The difficulty setting was removed as 'stupid', altho, a Hunter with no heirlooms could use it.
    Those in heirlooms would love to have it back, I would, if I had some ;p

    All of this and so much more - reported to you, and warnings about the lame changes you were making
    at the sacrifice of all John Cook's hard work, and his best run ever, we all been following it, loving it, for long time.

    Then, YOU came up with a new idea
    tossed the Travel system - huge loss, new system feels antiquated to what we had. Definately takes longer, ill advice all the time...
    Loss of all the great tips suggestions - and tips on boss fights, all gone
    Missing guides everywhere.

    Still insisting on teaching new players, how to kill themselves, delete the hearth to save one bag spot,
    bad advice galore on what profs to take, which pet I should have as a hunter,
    Exampe: telling new cloth players they should level Tailoring so they can make a wand. tbut don't forget to make bandages to
    did I mention, they will need to be around level 16 (rough guess) before they will find enough cloth, to entertain that lame idea.
    feels like tips coming from a newbie that hasn't a clue how the game works.
    Herb or Mine, and skinning all provide income and are useful to a new player.
    New Players can not level up a profession, while leveling, at least not very easily.
    1s toons is all about learning how to play the game, stay alive, and make some money so they can take care of themselves.
    all the while, you are supposed to be providing an intelligent route for them to follow (all gone from guide now)

    What's left is a stripped down version of what was once great, and nobody seems to care there,
    that this new guide you replaced the older version, to be blunt, is just garbage, to those of us that know how to play the game, we can SEE the BS

    Shambles - please do something, been over month since you dropped this worthless guide on us, we told you, you have done nothing to fix your mistakes.
    You don't care, I don't care.

    It's just a SHAME new players come here to hopefully find a great guide, the one they heared so much about, only to be force fed this mess.

    If your ideas, tips, and suggestions, ripping all the guides out, making up your own route, and other such things, is great for you, and you feel so good about it,
    I think you have achieved your goal of ruining the guide to the best of your abilities.
    Kudos to this dev crew for the utter destruction of all things ZYGOR

    To New Players
    Addons I use to make up for this destruction

    Questie! - shows *everything* on the World Map and the Mini-Map, even lets you know what quest your target goes to.
    Auto Gear + PAWN - for all your gearing needs, updated all the time

    Auctioneer - much better Auction House UI, so you can make better quality choices at the AH
    Gathermate2 and Gathermate2_Data - shows little circles on map where all the nodes are

    TacoTip - great mouseover tips about everything you wanted to know.

    TomTom - helps in navigation and other great stuff
    Bagnon + BagBrother - takes care of bags display, makes it easier to manage

    Postal - for easier mailing
    Advanced Interface Options - to unlock hidden features of the game and manage them

    For ALL your profession needs - the ultimate guide of all guides

    Good luck to all of you - I, like you, wait for these nice folks to restore our faith in ZYGOR once again.