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  1. Awesome, thanks

    Awesome, thanks
  2. Incorrect location give for current world quest. Shell Game.

    Here's a screenshot

    As you can see it should be slightly south of where Zygor has directed.

    Also, is there a better place to submit errors like this?
  3. Zandalari Inscription 1-150 Leveling Guide | Confusing/Incorrect instructions

    I'm Horde.

    The Inscription Guide is telling me to Train the Contract: Orders of Embers.

    But the NPC it's directing me to does not sell that contract.

  4. No one said World Quests. He said Rares and...

    No one said World Quests. He said Rares and Treasures.

    Rare mobs and the treasure chests.

    They show up on Legion maps but don't on BFA maps.
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    Is it possible to at least ad a feature to Zygor...

    Is it possible to at least ad a feature to Zygor to detect that you've got a World Quest selected, but if Zygor doesn't have a guide for it have something in the Zygor window to say that it's been...
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    Inscription trainer in Zuldazar

    When searching for the nearest Inscription trainer using Zygor, it tells me to go to Orgrimmar. However, there is one in a room at the top of the main temple in Dazaralor in Zuldazar.

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    Is Zygor spamming dist

    It usually happens when flying. But it spams the chat A LOT when it happens.

    Any ideas on how to stop this?
  8. That makes sense. Though, now I'm even more...

    That makes sense.

    Though, now I'm even more confused.

    I've skipped ahead and this is where it's brought me:

    As you can imagine, this is very wrong...

  9. Zygor is telling me to Accept '...' and there's nothing available

    I'm doing the War Campaign guide.
    I'm on step 243/281

    I've completed every step previous to this.

    Now, this is what it's currently doing:

    And there's...
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