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    Blood and Unholy Death Knight Rotation

    I need a good single target and AoE rotation for both Unholy and Blood Specs please.

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    Do a google search for elitistjerks and see what comes up. They have the best info down to the near exact numbers for what you're looking for. They mainly focus on raid specs and such but still yet, if you good enough to raid then the rotation will be good for pretty much anything else other than pvp. We all know that tends to be different most of the time.

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    You may find some useful information about unholy here:

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    with unholy the main thing for single target is gettin ur DT's off as often as possible. That means not using any death coils while DT is up unless he has a good 5 secs left and ur RP is full. Unholy pres. is a must for any dps dk spec even DW frost now, the GCD reduction is priceless atm and worth more dps than a 10-15% dam increase from frost pres. Elitist jerks are a good site that have many ppl contributing so its a source that is reliable. For blood I would say its the same as ur aoe rotation maybe minus DnD, now that blood boil inflicts scarlet fever. hope this helped somewhat.

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