Anyone have any tips on skills, passive skills, etc to use during leveling? I am still very low level (Level 17) and just about to hit 18. I am currently using

Primary: Crippling Wave + Mangle
Secondary: Lashing Tail Kick + Sweeping Armada
Defensive: Breath of Heaven
Techniques: Exploding Palm
Focus: Seven-Sided Strike
Passive: Resolve

I went with Resolve to try and reduce damage taken, but just swapped to it recently. I was pretty happy with Transcendence. I might switch back to it, I liked the regen.

I am also duel-wielding. I tried sword shield, but the dual wield seems to generate spirit faster and overall create more damage.

I've found the Templar seems to be the best follower, however I just learned that you can equip them with items you find, had no idea.