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    Witch Doctor

    I guess I have been playng the game wrong. I thought we could only have 1 defensive and 1 primary secondary and stuff but I realised no... But how do I do to have 2 defensive skills a the same someone knows?

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    Go into Options -> Gameplay and put a tick in Elective Mode and apply it.
    Now when you go in to select your skills you'll see arrows at the top of your screen to scroll through them all

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    You will find our recommended spell rotations below. To use these, you will need to enable Elective Mode in the game options which will allow you to use any combination of spells you want on your spell bar.
    - Zygor's Diablo III Guide
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    I have been wondering how this was done, It should have a more prominent place in the guide like How to setup the game or similar and be highlighted as important. I was about to post that the buyilds were bugged.

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