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    The Order of the Cloud Serpent bugged

    Installed the latest update this morning which included the Cloud Serpent rep guide. Now when i get to step 22 it jumps to 30 and then to end of guide. It won't let me manually step through the guide, still jumps to the end.

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    What does it say on step 22? Can you attach a screen shot?
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    Skipped steps are normally associated to quests you don't have. You only get a hand full of quests from a big pool of possible quests.
    To see what the skipped steps are about hold CTRL and ALT pressed when clicking the next or previous step button.

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    I was using the guide the day before update and it was fine. Now it has you accept quests, then gives you guide complete. No longer takes you where you need to go to do the actual quests.

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