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    Game Freezes EVERY time when I ---

    Hi Gabby,

    We have corresponded many times including emails. I am having a serious problem. It has been doing this for awhile and we discussed it in the other forums. Every time I bring up the "C" Character panel game freezes sometimes for just a second, other for up to 15 -30 seconds. With bags open, or gear comparisons, or anything else it freezes. I have tried eveything and everything you have suggested. Deleted and reinstalled the guides. I would like to include th DxDiag and the MSInfo32 lists which might help stop this error. I love the guides but this stops when I am in a dungeon and it freezes at the most inopportune times when I get a new piece of gear in a dungeon and the guide tells me to load it and the game freezes and I am dead before I come back. HELP Please we have discussed this in numerous posts and email. I am going to have to send you the DX and the MSi files in an email. Hope I can hear from you soonest I LOVE THE GUIDES and I paid $210 to use them all. I would love to do so without freezes. I will send you the email with the backup.

    Marcaurilliu (WOW Character)

    PS I was able to upload the files to you with this email. Read below and saw where I could upload attachments to you,

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    I didn't see any emails this morning from you so I'm not sure if you forgot to send it or it never made it.

    When you're in game and open the guide selection window what does it show in the lower left corner for the guide version?

    Also, do you have the same problem if all other addons are disabled?
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    Hi Gabby, I attached the results to the post it gave me a spot to upload them. But I guess the email would be the best. I will get it to you right after I send this off. I periodically turned off any addon I was running and just had the guides up. It froze right away. It might have something to do with the amount that is being processed with bag open your guides on and the interaction going around in any public hub. But this also happens in the dread wastes when I am alone with the npc's. Just to you know I run DBM, Carbonite, GearScore, and Archy. All else has been disabled. Yours and the above are it. I can't imagine yours would interact but you are the expert. I will send you the other data with the email. --- I am the guy that wants for you guys to work with my firm in the IP area. But that is ongoing. Just wanted you to know that i am serious and your guides me alot. I will be in touch through email

    Art B.

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