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    Need a popup blocker to block you

    Every since a recent update, I get a most annoying pop up that states in order to use your gear whatever, I must choose a spec. I do not want to choose a spec, I do not want your gear suggestions. I have turned off everything relating to gear, yet I still get this pop up every few kills, quest turn-ins, zone changes, etc. Please, I can understand you advising someone to chose a spec, but really, after the first 1 or 2 times, I'd think they'd get it & no longer require a most annoying, never ceasing, nightmare pop up.

    And while we're on the topic of the most annoying, every time I open my spell book, blizz wants to disable you as they say u r trying to do something not allowed.

    It seems recently everyday you have some fix, could you please please fix these issues.

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    The spellbook thing should be fixed. Please make sure the in game version number shown on the guide selection window is the most recent version we have released (4.0.7483).

    And why would you not want to choose a spec once you hit level 10? The spec will make a big difference in your survivability and give you access to new abilities. Not saying that there should be an annoying pop-up (will have to look into that one), just that a spec choice will make a big difference in your game play.

    If you want to turn that pop-up off try going into the guide viewer settings and in the Talent Advisor section turn that off.
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