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    Issues around Zygor's Titles/Acheivments Guides-Page2

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    Pic 1: Shiny Bauble works for anyone and any lure you attach to a pole only slightly increases your chance to catch what you're looking for. You can fish without it and still pretty much have the same chance. We recommend the Shiny Bauble because it's one that's always available on the fishing vendors. For the catfish, these are very rare fish that you are trying to get. In a lot of instances it could take a couple days of fishing before you get it. It has about a .01% chance for you to find it so that's 100 casts just to get to 1% chance.

    Pic 2: Just like with the waterlogged wreckage, this is a rare spawn so you might need to keep at it a lot longer than 1 hour.

    You're going after a title and Blizzard has made it that titles don't just get handed out after a couple hours of work. The Salty title is one that some people work on for weeks before they get it.
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