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    We are still working on this and getting the Gear Finder to work properly. The gear suggestions for items you find and are in your bag should be working a lot better.
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    "A lot better" is not acceptable for a product that should be working properly.

    My point still stands that this has been a well known on going issue since the product was first released. From a customer's standpoint you basically have two options. Get it working as advertised or realize that it is a failed project and offer refunds.

    I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit aggressive but I am beyond frustrated with the length of time that this has been going on.

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    I've recently gone to Northrend on a troll druid. She's guardian spec and the system has been suggesting intellect gear as upgrades.

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    When I said a lot better what I meant was that the weights we are using for the gear suggestions are now more in line with what you'd see at Noxxic or AskMrRobot. A lot more emphasis on the primary stat and less on the secondary stats. Before there wasn't a big difference in the stat weights between primary and secondary stats so this would often lead people to think it was a bad suggestion when it was actually accurate according to our stat weights. With the new stat weights this confusion should be pretty much eliminated. The new stat weights should also fix 95% of what people had thought were bad suggestions. If there are still bad suggestions then we will have to find what's causing that and get it fixed.

    If you see any bad suggestions please take the following steps to give us the most information possible to help us find any problems and get them fixed.

    1. Click on the gear icon on the gear suggestion window.
    2. On the window that opens click the Addons tab at the top and then click the words Zygor Guides Viewer on the left.
    3. Click on the "Create a bug report" button.
    4. A new window opens up, ignore the areas to type in and click the View button in the bottom left.
    5. Now click somewhere inside the new window that opens to get the cursor in there and then press Ctrl + A to highlight all the text, then press Ctrl + C to copy all of the text to the clipboard. On a Mac this should be Command + X to select all and Command + C to copy it to the clipboard.

    Once you do that then please come here and create a reply to this thread, then press Ctrl + V to paste the clipboard into your post (for Mac this should be Command +V). If you get an error about the post being too large you can delete some of the text near the bottom that has a timestamp on it until you're able to post the message. An alternative would be to paste the bug report into a text file and then attach that text file to the post so you don't have to play games with the character limits.
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    I found a bad gear suggestion for a Shadow Priest. The gear guide wants me to keep Agility rather than Intellect. The main problem with these items is that Haste is indeed preferable to Multistrike, but the secondary effects make that consideration invalid.

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    The problem here is that it's pretty much impossible to make any kind of score for the effects on trinkets. I don't know of any addon that tries to give any kind of score to an equip or use effect on trinkets and we are no exception. The gear suggestions will only base the recommendations on the stats on an trinket.
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    Since new patch today, I'm getting suggestions to put AGI gear on my Elemental Shaman, and INT gear on my Enhancement Shaman.

    Zygor Guides Viewer v5.0.11011
    Guide: LEVELING\Northrend 70-80\Grizzly Hills (74-75)
    Step: 13

    --- Player information ---
    Race: Draenei Class: SHAMAN Spec: Elemental Level: 73.93 Faction: Alliance
    Position: Grizzly Hills /0 32.03,60.07 (#490, zone:'Grizzly Hills', realzone:'Grizzly Hills', subzone:'Amberpine Lodge', minimapzone:'Amberpine Lodge', micro:'', texture:'GrizzlyHills')
    Target: Master Woodsman Anderhol ##0

    --Enabled Addons

    --- Parser Errors ---

    --- GUIDE ---
    Guide: Grizzly Hills (74-75)
    Type: LEVELING Parsed: yes Fully: yes
    Startlevel: 74.1 Endlevel: 75.75
    Next: LEVELING\Northrend 70-80\Zul'Drak (75-77)
    Steps: 202 Labels:

    --- STEP ---
    map: Grizzly Hills#490 /0
    floor: 0
    needsreload: false
    level: 74
    (incomplete, POSSIBLE, not aux)
    1. <Go to 26,67>
    was_visited: false
    prepared: true
    was_clicked: false
    dirtytext: true
    action: goto
    map: Grizzly Hills #490 /0 0.26,0.674 (no dist)
    Status: passive (not completable)
    2. . <Kill 6 Graymist Hunters>
    action: kill
    dirtytext: true
    macro: 131
    prepared: true
    macroicon: 0
    was_clicked: false
    macrosrc: /target Graymist Hunters
    /run ZGV:MRM()
    was_visited: false
    count: 6
    quest: "Them or Us!" ##12215 goal 1: "Graymist Hunter" - quest in log (id: not completed)
    target: "Graymist Hunters" ##26592

    Status: incomplete (incomplete, POSSIBLE, 0 progress, not aux, 'quest goal num below count')

    -- Auto Equip Information --Class: SHAMAN
    Level: 73
    Spec: Elemental

    Current Gear
    ChestSlot - [Shamblehide Chestguard] scored: 285 Id: 24465
    LegsSlot - [Icefall Mail Leggings of the Fireflash] scored: 93 Id: 112357
    WristSlot - [Bracers of the Forest Stalker] scored: 108 Id: 34698
    Trinket1Slot - [Oshu'gun Relic] scored: 73 Id: 25634
    BackSlot - [Cloak of Azure Lights] scored: 73 Id: 38223
    Trinket0Slot - [Burst of Knowledge] scored: 56 Id: 11832
    MainHandSlot - [Tuskarr Cudgel of Intellect] scored: 1 Id: 36490
    HeadSlot - [Icefall Chain Helm of the Fireflash] scored: 1 Id: 112349
    Finger0Slot - [Ring of Decimation] scored: 53 Id: 38219
    SecondaryHandSlot - [Forged-Iron Shield of Intellect] scored: 1 Id: 36446
    FeetSlot - [Njord Boots of the Gorilla] scored: 1 Id: 36188
    WaistSlot - [Girdle of the Gale Storm] scored: 180 Id: 24388
    HandsSlot - [Stormfront Gauntlets] scored: 205 Id: 27428
    NeckSlot - [Indomitable Choker of Light] scored: 74 Id: 38227
    ShoulderSlot - [Seaspeaker Mantle] scored: 77 Id: 37419
    Finger1Slot - [Turbulent Signet of the Sorcerer] scored: 0 Id: 51991

    Possible Upgrades
    MainHandSlot - [Blade of Nadox] scored: 30 Id: 35606 Equipslot: INVTYPE_WEAPON
    FeetSlot - [Cleated Ice Boots] scored: 39 Id: 35600 Equipslot: INVTYPE_FEET
    Finger1Slot - [Fetid Loop] scored: 87 Id: 38745 Equipslot: INVTYPE_FINGER

    Current Popup

    --==Stat text==--
    -16 Intellect
    +7 Damage Per Second
    +19 Critical Strike
    +10 Stamina

    --- Cached quest log ---
    2. "Got one!" ##31584 (lv=73):
    ... 1. "0/1 Catch a Pet" (monster, 0/1)
    3. "Julia, The Pet Tamer" ##31316 (lv=73):
    ... 1. "Defeat Julia Stevens" (event, 0/1)
    5. "Troll Season!" ##12210 (lv=73):
    6. "Local Support" ##12292 (lv=74):
    ... 1. "0/1 Cedar Chest" (item, 0/1)
    7. "Them or Us!" ##12215 (lv=74):
    ... 1. "0/6 Graymist Hunter slain" (monster, 0/6)

    --- Cached quests, by ID ---
    #31316: Julia, The Pet Tamer
    #12212: Replenishing the Storehouse
    #12216: Take Their Rear!
    #31584: Got one!
    #12226: Just Passing Through
    #12215: Them or Us!
    #12292: Local Support
    #12227: Doing Your Duty
    #12210: Troll Season!

    --- Inventory ---
    Baleheim Gloves of Strength ##36310 x1
    Battlechest of the Twilight Cult ##43279 x1
    Blade of Nadox ##35606 x1
    Bloodspore Gloves of Fire Protection ##35966 x1
    Bloodspore Mantle of the Whale ##35969 x1
    Bloodstained Ravager Gauntlets ##24090 x1
    Boneshredder Mace of Intellect ##25123 x1
    Chilled Meat ##43013 x7
    Cleated Ice Boots ##35600 x1
    Cloak of the Craft ##31255 x1
    Cobweb Machete ##35655 x1
    Crystallized Water ##37705 x4
    Eater of the Dead ##10805 x1
    Essence of Eranikus' Shade ##65931 x1
    Fetid Loop ##38745 x1
    Frostweave Cloth ##33470 x34
    Frosty Spinneret ##33629 x2
    Garmaul Fists of the Seer ##36182 x1
    Gloves of Banished Infliction ##44365 x1
    Hand of Justice ##11815 x1
    Hearthstone ##6948 x1
    Icefall Chain Belt of the Fireflash ##112363 x1
    Icy Fang ##33630 x1
    Icy Hoof ##33548 x1
    Icy Mail Circlet ##33437 x1
    Mantle of Thwarted Evil ##44350 x1
    Mechanical Yeti ##15778 x1
    Nagrand Cherry ##24421 x5
    Oval Ring of Stamina ##36417 x1
    Patient Harpoon of Stamina ##36601 x1
    Ravenclaw Band ##27925 x1
    Salted Venison ##33454 x1
    Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole ##25978 x1
    Silver Rope Chain of the Tiger ##36432 x1
    Snobold Ripper of the Bandit ##36479 x1
    Spored Tendrils Spaulders ##35616 x1
    Strange Dagger of the Owl ##36672 x1
    Super Healing Potion ##22829 x2
    Super Mana Potion ##22832 x1
    Thick Fur Clothing Scraps ##43852 x1
    Thick Tail Hair ##33549 x14
    Tundra Tracker's Shoulderguards ##43183 x1
    Turbulent Signet of the Marksman ##51991 x1
    Vanishing Powder ##64670 x4
    Vicious Fang ##33546 x1
    Westrift Leggings ##36886 x1
    Wing Cover Girdle ##35662 x1
    Wyrmskull Sabatons of Spirit ##36316 x1

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    Looks like it's having a problem with getting a score for some of your items and that's why it's got the bad suggestions. The dev team do know about some of this but these are a little different.
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    replace a 630 with a 569 lol
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    Can you please use the steps in the first post to give us a bug report for this bad suggestion.
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