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    Gold and Auctions Guide April 2nd Update - Click To Add, Battle Pet Support, and more

    ==Addon Changes==
    * You can now click to add items to the auctions slot for quicker posting.
    * Support for Battle Pets added to Auctions section and Auction Tools.
    * Search functionality and column sorting added to all sections.
    * Added ability to switch between "per total" and "per unit" pricing in the Auction Tools.
    * New item scoring system for Auctions section grades items by quality and use (XMOG, PVP, ect.).
    * Improved status readout when updating items using the "Appraise All" button.

    ==Guide Changes==
    [Daily Runs] Changed numbers for daily runs.
    [Daily Runs] Added transmog set runs for: Master's Cloth, Bonechewer Leather, Bloodlust Mail, Ancient Mail, Bloodscale Plate, Resilient Cloth
    [Daily Runs] Updated the soup bones turn in so you can easily turn in all the repeatable quest

    [Farming] Made minor corrections to farming guides for Felcloth.
    [Farming] Added alternate farming path for Linen Cloth/Wool Cloth, Silk Cloth, Mageweave Cloth, and Runecloth.
    [Farming] Added alternate farming path for Netherweave Cloth, Frostweave Cloth, and Embersilk Cloth.
    [Farming] Updated the Elekk Meat for Horde to farm in Nagrand instead of Shadowmoon Valley

    [Auctions] Updated PVP/Twink sections for unique gear.

    Full changelog:

    What's Next?

    - Improved Shopping List functionality

    - Integration of Global Realm prices

    - "Amount sold per day" estimations
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