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    Angry Proc Warrior Zygor Pre-Made Macros Crashes program

    I am trying to get into Macros. I want to make my fighting a little easier. I tried to use your Pre-Made Macros for my Proc Warrior. Every time I install one my WOD crashes (freezes). Doesn't matter which one I try to install my game freezes. Very frustrating.

    Is Zygor fixing the macro problems I'm encountering. Does Zygor have pre-made Macros that you can reply with so that I can get some value for the money I paid for this guide. I really don't use this guide very much. I have the Titles I want and I have the Reputation I want and need, but the one section of this guide that I want to use crashes every time. Any help would be great.

    This is the only guide that I ever had any problems with. I love the Gold/AH guide. I never made much money before selling items, but now I'm really getting so much gold I can't believe it.

    Please help rcg70 (Rick)

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    I haven't seen any other reports about the pre-made macros causing a crash so I think there might be some kind of conflict happening. If you disable all other addons so only Zygor is running do you still have this problem?
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