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Cant begin to say whats all wrong, refering to my person, with that statement. First of all you dont know me
The part you were quoting was not directed towards you, as I wrote further down that you may be someone competent enough to test a guide and give proper feedback.

And I'm only a moderator here so everything I write is from my personal point of view, I cannot speak for the Zygor team.
But as Zygor Support wrote, there has been a test of a new guide viewer version and there was really few feedback here on the forums.

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Just again on a sidenote, you state "Even Blizzard gave up using the betas for testing." thats a bold statement and if you dont have some serious insider knowlegde on Blizzard, with some pretty solid facts, i wouldnt say something like that.
Especially the WoD beta test showed that Blizzard apparently is only releasing the beta to give the people something to play around with, to keep the interest in the next expansion while no new content is released for the current expansion.
There have been so many bugs in the WoD beta that have been reported over and over for months and nothing was done to solve them. Just remember the garrison disaster with the crashing instance servers. That happened regularly at least 4 months prior to the WoD release.
So for me it looked like there was no connection between the players in the beta and the developers.

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Imagine 48 eyes are more than 12, and when 12 eyes are more (or much more) schooled than the other 36 eyes, you will have more insight on certain things and more oversight on the other things.
Perhaps no one knows that better than me. I'm around here for years now not only moderating but also looking into the problems reported by the guide users and creating my own guides. I know how easy it is to overlook things and if someone else finds the problem you wonder why you did not see it yourself.

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I really took my time to answer your questions, i really hope that helps and give you some insight on maybe our end too. I just dont wanted to be a flame post, i want to change something in the right direction and make it better for all of us!
Regarding the guide I'm also only a user so we are on the same side.
I did not see your post as a flame post, I got your good intention, I (and other moderators and forum users) offered the Zygor team our help at testing guides in the past.
But it's probably difficult to coordinate external and internal testing. I for example live in Germany so when I check the forums in the morning the Zygor team just went sleeping sleeping.
And I run my own business so I often don't have the time to constantly check the forums as I did in the past.

I think I can speak for the Zygor team when I say that good bug reports are really appreciated because then at least bugs in the live guides can be fixed faster.
When Legion goes live I will directly start leveling and report any guide related issue I stumble across.