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    Tranquillien - Incomplete and inefficient

    While using the rep guide for tranq i noticed it would have me pick up a quest in town do it, return to town pick up another go back to the same area before even having me turn in the first. Might want to go over it with a fine tooth comb. Also I noticed that I needed 2 more quests to get exalted one was knucklerot and lorzan the other was in sanctum of the sun. Thanks

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    What steps was it for the ones giving a problem?
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    I don't recall the numbers, i just remember because i have the auto accept guide quest feature turned on that it had me do a lot more running arround than was acceptable plus the two missing quests from the guide makes it incomplete

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    I'm currently using this guide for Tranquilien and I can confirm it's not efficient and on top of it at least step 10, 53 and 57 are not working. Step 10 I had to come back to pick later. Step 53 is not possible until I have picked up another quest that is after and step 57 is not available for pick up. Currently on step 58

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