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    Horde Demon Hunter Order Hall Quests in the Exodar

    I have already skipped this issue and continued on as best as I could.
    I cannot provide you with a step number, as the step number does not fit in the guide viewer window and I cannot resize the window to see it. Really? No resizing of the window? Has nobody requested this?

    The quest names are "Fel Annihilation" and "Nobundo's Last Stand".

    For Fel Annihilation, the guide says that it will be accepted automatically. It was not and it never showed up while I was in the Exodar.

    For Nobundo's Last Stand, it sounds like if you do ANYTHING else, like talking to the prophet before talking to Nobundo... the quest bugs out and you can't do accept it afterward.

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    You're using the latest version of the guides? You've tried disabling all other addons to see if they are affecting the travel system at all?
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    I spent about a half hour writing a huge rant here... angry that the first response is to disable other addons and try again.

    For all intents and purposes, please assume that I am not using other addons. I have the Zygor client running all of the time and set to automatically download updates. The first time I installed it since Legion dropped, was yesterday.

    I am already past that point of the guide. As far as I know, it is not possible for this character to go back there to try again. I believe those quests are now lost to me. Please investigate the order that the quests in the Exodar should be done in, because I had no problem locating comments on wowhead stating that if you try to do anything (like rescuing scared civilians) prior to talking to Nobundo... the quests bug out and you have to leave partyand then jump back into the scenario in order to reset the whole thing... problem is... I got too far to reset. I had already finished the scenario.

    So please, do some research before automatically dropping the "have you tried disabling your other addons".

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    I can confirm also this is broken......I have tried taking off addons etc

    There are a great many quest areas broken with Zygor in this expansion

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    My 1st quest was this one and it's still broken. a great start for a new customer with the 1st quest the guide suggests

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    I had no issues with the Nobundo's Last Stand quest so far with 3 characters.
    And every time I fought my way to Nobundo, rescuing citizens and destroying portals on my way. So there's no general problem doing anything while getting there.
    It seems most issues in this scenario are rather game bugs and not related to the guide as it is clearly telling you to go to Nobundo and only on the way do the other things.

    A guild mate without the guide ran into the problem of being unable to get the Nobundo quest but I think she discoverd it after nearly completing the scenario.
    The only problem I had so far with the whole scenario was getting stuck after a disconnect right before the final fight. I had to leave the scenario, go back to the portal in Dalaran and completely start it over...

    Apart from that the Nobundo quest is completely optional and the reward is not even that amazing. Better kill the rare mob in the center of the Exodar, I think he dropped something blue.

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    No issues doing this quest in the Exodar but you NEED to talk to NoBundo prior to saving the last person and destroying the last portal. Valen will send out patrols to kill the rest of the stuff and you will MISS the elite with the blue drop and NoBundo's quest will go away. But the guide will still stop on this quest if you miss it days later. It's not being recognized as a Never being able to be completed quest.

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    I suggest the Zygor team put an if clause into the steps of the Nobundo quest so they are skipped when you completed the whole scenario.

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