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    February 23rd, 2009

    Angry Zygor uninstaller just wrecked my hdd

    So this morning when trying to start the zygorclient it didn't work so i thought "well uninstall and try a fresh install" so i started the uninstaller for zygor and i thought it was odd that my harddrive was working so hard for a small program like zygor. To my surprise when uninstall was finished the uninstaller had deleted all content on my drive which was about 500gb of data, pictures, work for school, games, everything was gone.

    Luckily after spending most of my sunday i was able to recover the stuff that was most important like old pictures and school work. But everything else is lost or to time consuming to bother trying to recover using my file recover software (or easily replaced by downloading new versions). And no it's not a problem with my drive, it's working as it should and i can see the files that was deleted in the file recover software.

    As a long time user of zygor this made me really dissapointed and if i wasnt able to save the important stuff i would be absolutely furious. Still a little furious that i had to waste my sunday on this crap. The uninstaller should under no circumstance be able to cause this to happen. And everyone iv'e talked to thought this was really strange aswell, the uninstaller basically worked as a formatting device (well not quite since i was able to recover files, but almost)

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    I am pretty positive that this was not caused by our uninstaller. I will double check with our client programmer to see if it's even remotely possible for our uninstaller to wipe an entire drive.
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    November 18th, 2010
    So, i know this thread is out dated...but when i uninstalled the old client after installing the new one, it wiped my drive... Every game, and file was deleted.

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    July 23rd, 2016
    Same thing just happened with one of my drives as well.

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    September 29th, 2018
    I'm thinking you all have something else wrong - I uninstalled the program with no effect on anything other than the program itself.

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    November 29th, 2009
    This is actually caused by Zygor not checking for its own files while deleting but just wildcard deleting the install folder, if it happens to be a folder lets say c: then you have a shit fest obviously !!

    It happend to me just an hour agoo and I posted elsewhere before I had seen this thread.

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