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    Great bang for your buck. Tons of utility.

    Thank you, Zygor team, for making this addon for us. Ive been using it since back in Cata when you had to pay $40 for the base addon(which was still a decent deal).

    Ever since you changed to the monthly subscription ive heard about more people using it. $7.99 a month is awesome because you get ALL of the guides, not just one.

    If you were a loyal customer they even offered a $4.99 option. Sadly i had to cancel my subscription when my card got stolen, and have to pay $7.99 now. However its still an awesome value for anyone out there wondering if they should give it a try. You could even try the trial version for free and level an alt to 20 and see how awesome it is. Ok im done rambling! Thanks for the addons guys!(and ladies)

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    Glad to hear you've been enjoying the guides.
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