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    Legion Herbing farming

    I have tried to use the farming guides provided for herbalism farming, they are way to basic and need updating, the actual runs are way to short which yeild hardley anything at all, i am constantley running around for ages around small when yo go to the herbalism lvling or quest lines they use different paths,

    i have tried on low pop relms as well as heavily populated relms same diff, i am prety sure the routes you have chosen to put in ar eiether off or blizard has changed somthing, Also been trying this now for 2 months

    You see a lot of people running around obviously different routes.

    Good farming routes


    Bad farming routes

    Starlight rose
    Foxflower <<completley the wrong place, full of eleites, and rares
    fjarnskaggl <<very bad, route is way to small

    can you please look into this.

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    We'll check into this.
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