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    Thumbs up Wish I had tried this sooner!

    So I've used Wow-Pro for a long time just to help me level, and it was always fine. Some glitches but for the most part it was fine and I never really looked at what else was out there. Recently it seemed like TomTom had stopped working due to some updates and I stumbled across Zygor as I was looking for a fix for it. Intrigued, I thought I'd try it out. Guys... I can't tell you how easy this guide will make your life. For leveling, obviously it's great, but it's all the OTHER stuff it helps you with that really makes it amazing.

    Getting around: I want to put this first because I've been blown away at how intelligent Zygor is with giving directions. For example, I was standing in the Monk hall today and needed to get somewhere - Zygor first pointed an arrow at the portal and told me to go through the portal to Dalaran. Then it sent me to the flight master, and it HIGHLIGHTS where you need to go on the flight master map. Once you are there it gives you step by step directions - go up this path, jump down here, enter the cave here - it's so much more than just pointing an arrow in the general direction, which is almost useless in some of the new zones.

    Mounts: Let's say you see someone near you mount up on a mount you don't have - Zygor immediately recognizes this and sends you a notification. If you want, it'll load up the guide to help you get that mount!

    World Quests: If you open up your map and click on a world quest you want to do, Zygor will give you directions to get there and then walk you step by step through completing the quest. Couldn't be easier.

    Treasures: If you are searching for treasures in the new expansion, Zygor has the ability to show them on your map. If you simply click the treasure icon, you will get the step-by-step directions on exactly where the box is.

    Basically anything you want to do in the game you can just search for the guide and will most likely find it. From your class hall, to rep, to gold - anything. I don't usually get excited over stuff like this, but this guide has been blowing me away so I thought I should write something here for anyone thinking about pulling the trigger on this.

    Edit: I almost forgot, Zygor also knows what stats are most important for your class (either your current spec or the one you specify) and it assigns a weight to each of them. Then when you pick up a new item, or get a quest reward, Zygor will automatically recommend you put it on if it is an upgrade. It will even do it for you if you want.

    It also has some really nice auction features built-in. I have long used TradeskillMaster ONLY for the live auction prices updates I get with it, but Zygor seems to have their own up-to-date info as well, even though I've never scanned the auction house. I haven't gotten too in-depth with the auction house yet, but from what I've seen it's really slick.

    FINALLY haha... if you are trying to get Broken Isles flying, this guide is great for that too. Just load up the guide and it will look to see what areas you have explored, what quests you've done, etc. and then recommend the correct guides that you need to finish to advance. There were a couple out-of-the-way places I hadn't found yet for exploring and it took me right to them, then told me the remaining quests I had in Suramar. Guys - if you're reading this, you're obviously looking for a game guide. This is the one you want.
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    Glad you've been enjoying the guides.
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    The Beta version option is one of the best recent feature additions. It is so much better having guides available for most main things on day 1, even if there are small errors or bugs here and there. Much better than waiting ages for final release

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