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    Want to say thx !

    This has been said a million times but I want to say thx to this team. I paid for a year and it never stops making this already great game so much BETTER.

    Only thing I would like to see is older content with better navigation for travel and in the menu. For example, pathfinder for Draenor. It would be so freaking cool if you had clickable links in the guide instead of having to do a search. The navigation in game would be nice if you had better " move here now then turn here " arrows.

    I paid for your time to save my time. You are guys are AWESOME !!!

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    I am doing Pathfinder for Draenor on my Demon Hunter right now, as I never did it when the content was current. Could you elaborate please? I ask because I find the guide for Pathfinder extremely easy to follow and complete on a daily basis. The only improvement I could ask for is when working on Securing Draenor; the guide ought to jump right to the section to complete the missing bonus objectives.

    To compensate for that, I simply tracked the achievement Securing Draenor, and clicked the Z icon to load the guide.

    As for finding the Order of the Awakened items that come from rare spawns or the blue glowing chests, you have to depend on the RNG of those existing, but it still doesn't take all that long. What I do with that is accept it first, then by the time I am done the other daily quests, that one is either done as well, or close to done.
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