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    Thumbs up Zygor is just awesome

    Hi all,

    I'm a really new player of WoW (3 weeks) and an even newer member of the Zygor Club. At first I was a bit suspicious about the idea of a paid addon, but tested out the trial version anyway. Two days later I became an elite member - and man was that the right choice for me.

    I can summarize my testimonial in two statements:
    - Many people in other forums say that it is useless to get a paid addon, because leveling is so easy in WoW. To them I want to say "True, but leveling your character is just a very small part on what Zygor (and WoW) has to offer. There is so, so much more."

    - There is another paid addon (Dynasty) where the front page reads something like "only a one time deal, no evil subscriptions". To them I'd like to say: The choice to make something subscription based is really ballsy, since you have to have the quality, content and updates to back up that choice. Needless to say, Zygor doesn't fall short on that end.

    By the way, I also bought Dynasty Tycoon, just to see if it has anything more awesome to offer than Zygor Gold. You know, because, "since there are so many guides in the full version, it has to fall short somewhere" was my thinking. And the gold making is really important for me as a new player.

    However, I was really disappointed about Tycoon. It has nothing to offer that issn't also part of the Zygor Gold, and

    - is doesn't come with cloud data to support you
    - it tells you what farming/gathering/crafting makes you the most gold / hour - but there are no integrated guides on what to actually do, where to go. No awesome integrated navigation and step-by-step guide for the navigationally challenged

    I don't mind paying the 20 bucks on Tycoon, and in itself it is quit good, but it is my experience that Zygor is just a lot better.

    My interest in playing WoW also includes farming mounts, getting gold, doing old raids, getting my professions up, doing loremaster, etc. I never thought there was one addon that would help me with all of it, especially in a nice and integrated way. Zygor does, though.

    And one last note: Sometimes, farming gold or getting professions up can be quit boring, especially if there is a raid entrance nearby. I really like the function that, when you enter a dungeon or raid, it automatically searches for an available guide and asks you if it should switch to it. That is the kind of thinking along that I really appreciate.

    My testimonial might sound a bit like the jabbering of a fanboy (and I probably am), but this Addon and the guides made my WoW experience a lot better and more fun. And to me, that is all that matters.

    Have a nice day and to the Zygor team: keep up the good work :-)

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    Happy to hear you've been enjoying the guides and what we have to offer.
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