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    Glorious Achievement Error

    Hi there,
    I've been doing older Xpac achievement hunting and on the one for Pandaria Exploration titled "Glorious" on step #4 it says to kill Ferdinand, which I already have. But if you read under it it says to "Complete Sarnak" which he is way further south on the island. Also of note, the arrow still is telling me to locate Ferdinand, even though I just did kill him with Zygor open and I did a /Reload as well. Step 5, thinking it was Sarnak, is actually for killing Krax'ik, which is correct in showing that I have killed him.

    I have attached a photo for reference I just took after resetting/reloading my UI after killing Ferdinand: Zygor Guide Error.jpg

    I am doing this Achievement in my free-time out of boredom and if I encounter any more errors in this specific guide, I will add a comment on this thread to keep it contained.

    Thank you!

    Just found the issue, the 2 were switched up: Sarnak is Step #9 but it says to kill Ferdinand. The opposite of what Step 4 says to do and show to kill:Zygor Error 2.jpg

    P.S.S - More below for reference, complete list:

    #12 says to kill 'Arness the Scale' but points to go to kill 'Go-Kan'. This is mixed with #16.

    #19 says to kill 'Salyin Warscout' but points toward 'Blackhoof'. This is mixed with #22.

    #30 says to kill 'Moldo One-Eye' but points to 'Yorik Sharpeye'. This is mixed with #33.

    #36 says to kill 'Korda Toros' but points to 'Nessos the Oracle'. This is mixed with #40.

    #43 says to kill 'Lon the Bull' but points to 'Siltris the Sharpener'. This is mixed with #46

    #50 says to kill "Dak the Breaker' but points to 'Omnis Grinlok'. This is mixed with #53.
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    Looks like Blizzard changed around the achievement objective order. When they change the order or number of objectives for an achievement it makes the guides think one thing is done when it's not and vice verse. We'll check into it and get it fixed.
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