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    I've got it all figured out! thanks!

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    Hello, everyone.

    This message is to let you know that I am in the middle of remastering and revamping the entire Summerset guide. It was my first foray into creating guides for the Zygor addon. Today, I know a lot more about the Addon. Therefore an overhaul to bring the Summerset guide closer to how Zygor's other guides perform is needed. Eventually, I'll revamp and remaster both the Murkmire and Elsweyr guides.

    Here is a list of the current checked-in changes for Summerset.

    Major Fixes

    - Fixed the map data for several locations.
    - The guide now correctly directs users to Linwenvar for the quest "Old Wounds."
    - Step auto-advancing now enabled for destinations, delves, towns, talking the NPCs, and specific quest tasks.*
    - Added killing tips for various mini-bosses.
    - Removed public dungeon Sunhold. Sunhold is challenging to solo for lower-level characters and should not be in the guide.
    - Fixed a bug where the guide would direct readers to use the Alinor wayshrine before discovered, resulting in a blocked step.

    Minor Fixes

    - Added logic in the beginning of the guide that identifies your character's level and location to determine which steps to show.
    - Added logic that skips the Fighters and Mages Guilds steps if your character is already in them.
    - Unified words for Search, Take, Examine, and related actions.
    - Cleaned up the dialog options tips.
    - Removed the mention of a gold cost for several quest items.

    *Summerset map continues to be problematic with distances (Still investigating)

    You can track the progress on the project's Github.
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